… leaving the old studio … time for something new

Soooo, after many years I decided to take on a new challenge and to move to new studio rooms also in Leipzig, also in the house in Sas 32 where the main Studio Echolux is located … so don’t worry, all is fine , just better 🙂

The new rooms are not completely finished yet, but I am already working there, so stay tuned, new pics are coming soon!

in the meantime … I left the old rooms and it felt really good, meaning I felt lucky to have met so many great musicians and friends in these rooms and to have shared so many great moments with you there … so say goodbye to the room and talk to you soon to you soon!!

DISILLUSION – Wintertide (lyrics video)

The video’s been directed and shot by Finnish cinematic videographer Jarkko Lunnas featuring sceneries filmed in Iceland and Finland.
Film by Jarkko Lunnas | http://www.jlunnas.com http://instagram.com/jlunnas http://youtube.jlunnas.com http://www.facebook.com/jlunnas